On October 17, we have enjoyed the 5th edition of the popular Coderfest event in cultural premises at Jedlikova 7. Our developers prepared lots of fun tasks for the students and the raffle had 4 exclusive prizes ready for its winners. Our evening spent together was full of programming, beer, and new contacts.

The developers’ community CITY OF TEVELOPERS works on the concept of collaboration with students of informatics and technical university programs that love programming just like we do during the whole year. Coderfest is the only event of its kind that is still gaining to its popularity over the years.

The success of this year’s Coderfest was indicated by the fulfillment of the online registration two days before the event. Teams of Software Development & Design, Risk Management, Application Development, SAP Development, Automation Strategy, and Innovation Center, HR, and City of Developers info point were full of curious students that competed in various tasks related to programming.

This year’s theme, “Enter the future with us” was therefore represented not only by the newest technologies that we work with but also by the possibility to get to know the potential future colleagues a little bit more in a non-formal environment. Thanks to the initiative of City of Developers community, our colleagues are ready to motivate students to become developers in T-Systems Slovakia, to support them with their choice of topic for final theses, being a valuable consultant for them and they can also support students in bringing their Hackathon ideas into life.

During the night, we also had a chance to experience digital graffiti that enabled talented students to do their painting in the interior and without fumes, virtual reality or the game Light Hunter. The aim of the Light Hunter game is the quick time reaction, and it has been used by many F1 pilots so far – it was fun for everyone trying. DJ Citron has set the mood with his vinyl tones and T- Band Funk performed the greatest hits of these days.

This year we added the gamification element into the raffle by giving the students a playing card at the registration point. The card had to be filled with stamps for each of the completed programming tasks. Only then they were admissible for the raffle, the most awaited part of the night. The famous main prize – MacBook Air was given to its happy winner, Michaela Obročníková by the Head of GSO Department, Miloš Zidor. Besides happy Michaela, the other three students had the reason to celebrate too. Thanks to the e-IT Health project, Dagmara Tkáčová, Dalibor Barabas a Daniel Ženčuch were awarded brand new electronic scooters. Their way to the lectures will be now a lot quicker and full of fun.

We are already looking forward to collaborating with all the young talented developers and we cannot wait for the next Coderfest in 2019.