Internal UNI Assessment Center

On 28.11.2019 we had a really exciting day in Kosice as the opening of Internal UNI has been accompanied by various exciting tasks!

City of Tevelopers is offering all TSSK employees a really great opportunity to jump start their career in development, by opening the Internal UNI. The main idea is to teach our non-developers the basics of Java, SAP ABAP and Robotics during office hours in 3 months, 4 hours twice a week.

We are very pleased that almost 30 people participated in the assessment center and also expressed their will to learn new things about programming. Short introduction was followed by presenting the agenda and our colleagues said a few words about each area we are focusing on- Java, SAP ABAP and Robotics.

In order to test analytical thinking of the participants, all participants got 1 hour to complete a logical exam. Once the exams were finished, our colleagues had a short 7 minutes long interviews with each of the participants in order to find out their interests and expectations. Afterwards, we had a great lunch to look forward to.

Thanks to the brief introduction to the scrum methodology and roles, we acquainted ourselves with work of the Scrum master. We had an opportunity to test not only their teamwork, but also their skills. The main concept of the project was to build a robot, which can deliver pills within the building of hospital. Participants were divided into 3 groups and each group had 2 computers. Furthermore, they had some LEGO parts as well. Their task was to work with LEGO Mindstorms and wow us with their robots.

First sprint began and participants started working on their tasks and the results were really interesting.

After 3 sprints, all 3 groups presented their robots and demonstrated what kind of user stories they managed to complete.

All groups had at least 1 successful sprint. Participants were helping each other and the cooperation was very smooth.

We said goodbye to each other shortly after 4 PM and we are definitely certain that we have not seen each other for the last time!