There Is a City of Tevelopers in Slovakia

Jane Jacobs, a Canadian journalist, once said: “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

There is a great number of talented developers in Tel IT, TSSK who are closely connected to our city and their life in it. When the City of Tevelopers (CoT) community was created it showed everyone there is a possibility to combine peoples’ passions with the business side, too.  Isn’t it a wonderful thing to use our motivation to work on unique projects that enhance our experience and skills, and help the people who live in our city? We connect our business to our region and our people. Our Tevelopers are currently working on interesting products such as Proximity Beacon- the project developing the application to help visually impaired people with orientation and navigation in the museums (Museum Alone Project). Other than that, they mainly focus on web development, You and Me, Robotics, Mobility, IoT, and SAP.

Community is more than departments

The CoT created a pool of projects page together with descriptions to allow anyone from T-Systems Slovakia join in on the projects if interested. This is just one of the ways we are trying to break the silo structures and work together on things that matter to us. Connecting people from various departments to work together on a project they are interested in is more valuable to us in the process and beneficial as the result.

We are educating & being educated

The modern city should have a good educational system for its citizens, don’t you agree? We want our city to have clever skilled developers and enhance their educational experience. We regularly open Tevelopment Academy for the newcomers, Internal UNI for our internal employees, and SCRUM concept for the part-timers.

Tevelopers work often with university and high school students as their mentors. They are helping them with their school assignments offering them a valuable hands-on experience, thus encouraging young people to enter the IT world. One such example is our presence in Live IT Projects, where groups of students pick the project assigned by one of the participating IT company. Afterward, they have 4 months to work on the project and deliver their results. The great thing about this is that they can work at our premises and experience real-life work in an authentic environment and connect with our employees. There are several other opportunities throughout the year where City of Tevelopers can work side-by-side students and potential future developers in our city & region, e.g. Hackathon or Coder Fest to bring students and our employees together. Each time we do this we are a little more connected to the people in Kosice and a little closer to discovering the possibilities of our potential, which we truly believe is huge.