Students Developed an Award-Winning Application

On daily basis, we need to make decisions about our future. Also here in Slovakia, there are companies, organizations, communities as well as individuals who contribute to the fact that we are on the right track on how to became a better country. Their effort is being appreciated by Pontis Foundation for 19 years now. Also our effort has been appreciated and we won Prize for Social Innovations!

Every year Pontis Foundation chooses the most reliable companies, which deserve appreciation for what they are doing and the way they are doing it. To be more precise, we are talking about the only foundation, that has been dealing with such topics in Slovakia since 1998.

Thanks to Pontis, special projects and fairness of some companies get to be known also by public. This foundation connects companies, non-governmental organizations, public institutions, communities and individuals. Together they are trying to achieve not only positive changes in the society, education, business, but also to fight against corruption and poverty. Various projects and companies, that are making Slovakia better, are awarded every year. The winners for 2018 were announced at the gala evening in Bratislava on April 2, 2019. Of course, activities of T-Systems Slovakia did not remain unnoticed and we won Prize for Social Innovations! Awarded was the application Museum Alone, which has been developed by Veronika Matejova, Filip Hudzik and Marek Haluska.

During T-Systems Hackathon in 2017, 3 students from Technical University in Kosice – Veronika Matejova, Filip Hudzik and Marek Haluska came with idea how to help visually-impaired people with orientation inside the building.

They came up with application Museum Alone, which, based on the location beacons, can detect the person´s location in the room and provide them with information about the exhibits. Thanks to the location beacons, the application can also warn them against obstacles on the floor. In this way, it makes sure that visually-impaired people are safe and they can visit museum without any assistance. Museum Alone was implemented in the Eastern Slovak Museum and other locations will follow soon. Last but not least, the project Museum Alone was voted the best business project by public.

We have to admit that this success is a great motivation for all of us. Definitely, it would not be possible without the support from Innovlab T-Systems, community City of Tevelopers and EIT Health.

What a pleasure to be surrounded by so many ambitious colleagues who are still looking for ways how to improve quality of our lives. We are lucky to have you here in Kosice!